The role of the DEI committee is to draw attention to and make changes that support diversity, equity, and inclusion considerations. 

This includes critically examining and revising our teaching to be more inclusive, improving mentoring to enhance student success and retention, updating recruitment and admissions practices to be more holistic and inclusive and other policies and processes to build a stronger connection between faculty, students and staff.  

The DEI committee is comprised of a Chair, faculty members who are also on the Graduate and Undergraduate Program Committees, a Graduate Student representative and an Undergraduate Student representative. This composition is designed to provide ways for all members of the departmental community to have representation on the committee, for direct feedback mechanisms from the committee to other groups making policy decisions and for rotations in people over time that allow for fresh ideas and perspectives.

Committee members

Portrait of Margaret Carrel

DEI chair

Margaret Carrel
Portrait of Marc Linderman

Graduate Program Committee member

Marc Linderman
Portrait of Eric Tate

Graduate Program Committee member

Eric Tate
Portrait of Matt Dannenberg

Undergraduate Program Committee member

Matt Dannenberg
Portrait of Austin (Zhuo) Tang

Graduate Student representative

Zhuo "Austin" Tang

Undergraduate Student representative

Martha Fey

Undergraduate Student representative

Emmeline Kraus

Have any concerns or questions?

Send an email to the Department of Geographical & Sustainability Sciences’ DEI Committee or to the current Chair. If your concern goes beyond the scope of the department please report your problem to the Division of Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Portrait of Margaret Carrel

Margaret Carrel

Associate Professor
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Chair