Our faculty conduct important, impactful research on social and biophysical systems and the events that shape our world. 

Our focus is on understanding these dynamic systems with a special emphasis on human-environment interaction and the science and technologies that are needed to analyze, model, and visualize geographic processes. 

Ongoing research by faculty and students includes projects on environmental health, land use/land cover, natural hazards, urban ecosystems, environmental policy, and spatiotemporal modeling. 

Departmental facilities include a GIS laboratory and a spatial analysis and research laboratory equipped with the latest in GIS and programming software. This includes handheld navigation devices, tablet PCs for field computing, and other equipment. Additional facilities include a lab with tree-ring bench, oven, furnace, balances, and microscopes; field meteorological stations, datalogger and micrometeorological instruments for environmental health monitoring; and other field equipment. 

Faculty research areas

The breadth of research in the Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences is encompassed in four primary areas:

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