Get involved with geographic endeavors at the University of Iowa

The Geography Department is a community! UGA's mission is to provide the means for undergraduate students in the UI geography program to discuss research opportunities, their studies, and any issues or concerns they may have. The organization seeks to supplement classroom activities with extracurricular learning opportunities and fellowship.

As members of the UGA, we have the opportunity to share our knowledge, ideas and inspirations with our student body and the wider Iowa City community alike. Focusing on the environmental consequences of human decisions at local, regional and global scales, we hope to foster an environment of empowerment by encouraging students to translate their knowledge into action. The Iowa Community Integrated Geography Organization, ICIGO, is the UGA's means of integrating our diverse skill sets in an effort to reach out to our community to create positive change through service learning.

Here's some stuff we have done or plan to do:

  • Meet to discuss classes you should take, based on your interests
  • Go on a hiking trip
  • Design geography t-shirts
  • Attend the meet and greet faculty open house
  • Do a Q&A with professionals in related fields
  • Go on a kayaking trip
  • Organize social gatherings

Interested in joining or learning more?

Portrait of Adrian Sandersfeld

Adrian Sandersfeld

Academic Services Coordinator