Earn your bachelor's and master's degrees in 5 years

The combined degree program offers motivated undergraduate students the opportunity to complete their bachelor and master’s degree requirements at an accelerated rate of five years. As part of the University of Iowa’s Undergraduate-to-Graduate (U2G) program, participants will graduate with both a bachelor’s degree in environmental policy and planning (EPPL) and a Master of Science degree in urban and regional planning (URP) in just five years. 

Planning is a dynamic and exciting field. Planners combine analysis with activism and policy evaluation with implementation, in order to improve the quality of life in cities and regions. Professionals are in demand in such diverse fields as regional transit management, environmental impact analysis, rural economic development, infrastructure investment, nonprofit neighborhood housing development, legislative analysis, and growth management planning.

The core curriculum assists students in understanding the institutions and systems—social, economic, environmental, political, administrative, and legal systems—as context for planning and policy analysis and making public choices. Students develop the ability to identify social goals and normative criteria for evaluating public policies. Both quantitative (statistics, forecasting, surveys, regional analysis) and non-quantitative skills are required to perform evaluations and produce plans.

Admission requirements

Applicants to the U2G program should apply for admission during the second semester of their junior year. The application requirements are:

  • Completion of 80 semester hours of undergraduate work
  • Successful completion of URP:3001 Planning Livable Cities
  • A minimum grade-point average (GPA) of 3.25

Prospective students should submit complete materials to Graduate Admissions by Jan. 15 if funding is requested. Applications for admission are accepted until July 15 (April 15 for international students). Funding for those who submit materials after Jan. 15 will be considered only as funding permits.

To apply, please follow the directions on the Graduate Admissions website. You can apply online and upload all supporting materials. International students whose first language is not English must submit official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores before admission and funding decisions can be made. 

View Application Instructions 

Degree timeline

  • Undergraduate coursework, see EPPL plans of study for details:

BA in EPPL      BS in EPPL

  • Undergraduate coursework
  • URP:3001 Planning Livable Cities

  • Undergraduate coursework
  • Must complete 80 semester hours of undergraduate coursework to apply to U2G program
    • GPA of 3.25 or higher
    • Take GRE examination by Jan. 1
    • Apply by Jan. 15

  • Complete bachelor degree requirements
  • Take up to 18 semester hours of graduate coursework
  • Pay undergraduate tuition rate until bachelor's degree confirmed
  • Complete funding application/award form and submit it by Jan. 15 for priority funding in year 5

  • Complete graduate coursework
  • Pay graduate tuition rate and become eligible for graduate assistantship

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